Happy, healing clients, inspiring experiences, and healthier lifestyles are what motivate me to achieve the best for my clients.  We are all connected.

Joy’s compassion, intuitive wisdom, and love create wonderful safe space for healing. I enjoy bodywork and/or PSYCH-K with her whenever I have the opportunity. I’ve been a massage therapist myself for twenty years, and I often refer clients to Joy at times when her skills could benefit clients more than my own.  ~ Rachel Creager

Your REALITY is created by your BELIEFS.  Want to change your reality?  Change your beliefs! ~PSYCH-K

I have been the beneficiary of PSYCH-K, from Rev. Joy.  Her intuitive methods worked wonders on me. And, in the case of PSYCH-K, have resulted in lasting change.  ~Jill Bosworth, Retired NYC Opera Singer, Galveston TX